Do you want to know about the latest google gadgets? If you are then here I will provide you with the thing which you are looking.

In this post, i have provided some latest google official gadgets with are really most amazing gadgets because its made by Google. So, grab a coffee and read the post.

Best Google Gadgets Latest 2018

So, here you will get the list of the Google gadgets.

Pixel Smartphones

Pixel Smartphones
Pixel Smartphones

I spent the entire photo shoot referring to the two colour schemes of the Pixel 2 XL as “Stormtrooper” black and white, and “Vader” black. However, the addition of an orange power button to the black-and-white XL certainly adds a sense of whimsy to the overall design. As Dieter wrote, “It’s like a Stormtrooper who secretly wears crazy underpants.” This phone is really awesome for capturing pictures



I still regularly use my original Chromebook Pixel. I really like the 3:2 aspect ratio of the screen; the sharp, squarish corners of the body; and the general industrial-like build quality. However, the abysmal battery life and ridiculous weight have meant this Chromebook was in dire need of an upgrade.

It still has the same 3:2 aspect ratio screen, but the corners of the body are now a little more rounded, and the screen also folds flat to act as a tablet, which is a very welcome update.

The jury’s out as to whether there’s a sizable market for a $1,000 Chromebook, but it’s certainly true that the Pixelbook is a beautiful piece of hardware. Some people may find that to be enough of a reason to buy one.

Google Home Max

The first thing that you should know about the Google Home Max is that it’s pretty big. The second thing you should know is that it’s fairly heavy. The third thing you should know is that it doesn’t seem to share much of its design aesthetic with the current Google Home… because it’s big and heavy. Not so much because of how it looks (it doesn’t completely look like it), but more from its physical presence. The most understated part of the design is the magnetic pad that attaches to the bottom or the side of the speaker, depending on whether you prefer it standing upright (if you have two) or laying horizontal. The overall design is very simple and straightforward. I just hope it sounds good. Honestly, these speakers are really good.

So, these were the post about google’s some best google gadgets. Hope you like it.






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